How Men Die

Death comes in so many vivid ways, but for men, there are some different reasons for death which are most common. Surely one can die from a major heart attack at any instant, but how often is the rate in men? And how many men die of such incidents? This infographic is here to tell you that, and specifically in the US. It will tell you the number of people who die from different diseases. It also depicts what causes the number of deaths in men.  You would be shocked to know how many men die of shark attacks in general. Blame the adventurous spirit? Whatever it may be, this infographic has managed to capture all the reasons that cause a man’s death.

There may already be a few things which you are doing, like smoking, drinking or chewing tobacco. The infographic “How Men die” will tell you how many men die of lung cancer and different kinds of cancers in general. There are so many other ways which contribute to the death of men. Some of these things might even shock you that they even exist. But they do, and people are dying of it every day. One of the lowest factors that contribute to death in men is being hit by a car, according to this infographic. Read on to know more.

Likes: The points are presented in a very clear and informative manner. They are quite readable and engrossing.

Dislikes: All of these points are relatable only to the US, makes us wonder what the world’s statistics would be.

How Men Die

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