Infographic: CSI Miami vs Reality

Do you ever watch crime series? Some of the crime series shown to us are far from what we would consider realistic. These crime series depict some incidents and happenings which seldom happen in the real world. For example, in the series, the crime is solved within a single day. The evidences magically manifest themselves and the law seems to be relaxed to suit the police. But in real life, such things seldom happen. This is what is shown in this infographic called “CSI Miami vs. Reality”.

It is based on the fictional television series called CSI Miami and shows how different the real life scenario is from what is shown in that series. Take a look at the things listed below– aren’t these the things happening on that show? Get talking to a real cop and find out how many of these things actually happen in their day to day lives.

Moreover, the technology shown is too advanced. Most of the government offices run on a very tight budget and they can only dream of having such advanced technical equipments which could make their lives that much easier. Thus, once again, truth is stranger than fiction.

This television series could take a clue from the bestselling novels, which too have some reality in them. But nonetheless they choose to portray these images.

Likes: The points are presented well. The background matches the ground reality perception.

Dislikes: There’s nothing to be disliked in this infographic.

CSI Miami Infographic


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