How Do College Students Use Their Time

Most of the college students love sleeping; and spending time on important activities, such as studying takes up very less of their time. Usually, this activity of studying increases only one day before the exams. Most of the time is taken on selfies, Instagram, and Facebook updates. Listening to music and also spending time in sports takes most of their time. In this infographics titled, β€œHow Do College Students Use Their Time,” you will see how students spend most of their time.

To your surprise, students spend their least time in grooming, though it’s a common myth that students enjoy spending their time in front of the mirror. Looks like this obsession is decreased with the need of taking selfies and spending lot of time sleeping.

A few students also spend their time working, like taking up a part time job and a few in travelling. Very less number of students spend all their time in eating and drinking. Throughout their high school and college, most of the students spend maximum time sleeping. The infographic shows clearly that all those students who do not spend time on Facebook, spend more hours studying. Also, that guys spend more time in leisure than girls in college. The rest of the leisure time is also spent in drinking.

Likes :- Crisp information on how students usually spend their time in a variety of activities.

Dislikes :- These figures are amusing but it is not going to change the outlook of all the students.

College Student Infographic


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