History Of The Small Business Administration

We believe, and have repeatedly stated, that knowing the history of anything and everything can make that thing more interesting. For example, you may not be interested in the sport of bowling but if you knew the history then you most likely would enjoy it more. An exception, however, may be found in the “History of the Small Business Administration” infographic. Everything related to government is cumbersome and bureaucratic (at best) to citizens.

Having said this, though, it cannot be negated that the SBA has had a huge impact on Americans. It has been around for almost one full century and had its genesis not through Franklin Delano Roosevelt (as would be the natural assumption) but by Herbert Hoover.

The infographic does not detail its activity, impact and results during the Great Depression. Even if it did, it could not have done that before the Great Depression as it (the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, or RFC, as it was known then) did not exist. Thus, we cannot tell what the trend was during that time. The infographic does, however, show statistics and graphs of what occurred during the early years of the recent Great Depression II. Unfortunately, the latest information was from 2010 so we do not know what the activity was as the economy strengthened.

Likes: The synopses of the types of loans are a helpful addition.

Dislikes: As with everything related to government, it helps only a small number. The infographic has two statistics showing that the SBA helps only 1% of small businesses.

History Of The Small Business Administration 1

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