Awesome Facts Part 4

Facts are wonderful (and even awesome). Facts are facts, but facts are also questionable at times. Such a case can be found in the “Awesome Facts Part 4” infographic.

An example of this is that of Pablo Picasso’s first words. Further cursory research, however, does reveal that according to his mother, Pablo Picasso’s first words were indeed of a shortening of the Spanish word for “pencil”. However, this could have been just a parable or fabrication by the mother. A similar situation would have arisen if Tiger Woods’ parents said that he was born with a golf club in his hands.

Another example can be found in the Chinese creating bacon about 3,500 years ago. Today, it seems that almost everything is attributed to the Chinese– from gunpowder, fireworks, pesticides, and now bacon. Further research does indicate that the Chinese were indeed having bacon at that time, but this source theorizes that other and older civilizations had bacon.

A questionable fact–and one open for interpretation–is that of Apple buying an iPod Touch for the 320 million inhabitants of the United States and still have money left over. Do they base this upon revenue, or on profit? Even if it is on the latter and smaller amount then that is questionable because all profits are always redirected back to the business.

The wonderful thing about these, though, is that it does expand our knowledge, intellect and questioning characteristics. These facts are awesome.

Likes: All of these do seem to be true, and have some basis in reality.

Dislikes: The font and colour of the title; it was distracting

Awesom Facts, Part 4



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