4C’s of Diamonds Infograph

Most people have a surprisingly large store of information in their minds. However, it is not always easy to retrieve or apply it. For example, there is a mnemonic device that enables you to remember the twelve(?) nodes in the brain. However, we have long ago forgotten the letters associate with it, and even if we did remember them then it would be difficult to remember them in order, and–more pertinently–to which names those letters referred. Thus, all we can remember is that there are nodes in the brain.

Another thing is the 4 Cs associated with the worth of a diamond. We may remember that there are 4 Cs, but not necessarily what they refer to. Wikipedia has a lengthy section about this, but we cannot effectively take this to the jeweller. To our rescue comes the “4 Cs of Diamonds Infograph”.

It describes the things that we need to look for in choosing a diamond. It describes not only the clarity, cut, colour and carat of diamonds and relates it to value, worth or desirable characteristics of a diamond, but also provides information on the shape. In this latter instance though, the implication is that the shape is simply a personal choice.

Best of all, the infograph can be printed and taken to the jewellery store, unlike the Wikipedia article.

Likes: Again, the fact that it can be printed and taken while shopping.

Dislikes: Less amount of text could have been used to keep it simple.

4C's of Diamonds Infograph 1
4C’s of Loose Diamonds

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