Weed on College Campuses

Marijuana?!! In college campuses?!! Wow! That is news to us! (Ha ha.) It actually has been with college students for a long time, and has been known for more than 4,700 years, as shown in this “Weed on College Campuses” infographic.

It does, however, regurgitate the old and tired arguments of marijuana as being dangerous. Even Wikipedia has some positive things to say about it, and more realistic sources, such as Natural News, provide a plethora of articles showing the tremendous health effects of using it. It is well known that Henry Ford was considering building a car that was fabricated partly from marijuana’s related product of hemp. The infographic does attempt to provide some of this topic through its “Legalization efforts” section.

The infographic also provides a section on “Punishment in schools”. However, in this increasingly (if we have not already achieved it) Orwellian society, there is equal punishment meted out to those who bring Bibles or scissors to school, or wear certain types of clothing, or have different appearances. Currently, though, these instances occur regularly in grade school but could very well be enacted on college campuses.

One bright spot (perhaps) is that marijuana and illicit drug use has remained very stable for the past quarter-century (as indicated toward the bottom of the infographic). It is a shame, though, that the DEA is increasing its scope and budget for something that is obviously intractable.

Likes: The infographics provide a great deal of facts which are worthy of further exploration and discussion, as we have done above.

Dislikes: It seems to parrot mainstream media and politics. For an infographic related to college campuses, it ought to have been more open and based on current reality.

Weed on College Campuses
Via: Online Colleges Hub

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