Importance Of Gifting Different Numbers Of Lucky Bamboo Stalks

Lucky Bamboo Stalks
Lucky Bamboo Stalks

When it comes to choosing one of the best gifts for your close ones it makes you think about buying something useful and interesting. Isn’t it? Well, gifting plants to someone you love is the best idea to bring health to them and make them health-conscious.

But, what if you find a plant which also brings luck and wealth along with good health to your friends and family? Well, the lucky bamboo plant is a plant which attracts all the luck and fortune to the recipient’s life with a different number of stalks.

Here you are going to know about the importance of different numbers of lucky bamboo stalks which will help you to choose the best one for your loved ones according to your needs and choices.  

One Stalk

One stalk lucky bamboo is one of the most popular gifts, especially in the corporate world. It symbolizes simplicity and meaningful life. So, if you want to go for a simple gift item then one stalk lucky bamboo plant is the best option.

Two Stalks

A two stalks lucky bamboo plant is an ideal gift for lovers or a single who wants to mingle. Because this plant brings good luck in marriage and love life.

Three Stalks

It is one of the most popular bamboo plants for home. Keeping it at homes will bring happiness. So, wish luck, prosperity, and happiness to your loved ones by gifting them a three stalks bamboo plant on any special occasion.

Five Stalks

If you want to wish a continuous growth in any of your loved one’s career then gifting five stalks bamboo plant is the best idea. This number of lucky bamboo stalk brings success in study, career, finance, etc. 

Six Stalks

Give a gift to your friends and family members which attract luck, opportunity, and wealth to them. Receiving such a good luck plant will make a great change in their lives and bring them all the success and happiness.

Seven Stalks

If you want to wish good health to your dear ones like your parents, grandparents, etc. then seven stalks lucky bamboo plant will be an ideal gift. This plant will bring good health to them.

Eight Stalks

Eight stalks lucky bamboo plant attracts joy, prosperity, and happiness to the recipient. So, gift it to your close ones on any auspicious occasion. It also improves fertility in human beings therefore, it will be proved as the best gift for a couple who wants to be parents soon.

Nine Stalks

Indian numerology says that nine is a lucky number. Therefore, if you want to bring good luck and fortune to someone’s life then giving nine stalks bamboo plant is the best idea.

Ten Stalks

The ten stalks lucky bamboo plant symbolises completion and perfection is someone’s life. So, wish your loved ones may their all dreams and desires come true by gifting a ten stalks lucky bamboo plant on any occasion.

Twenty-One Stalks

Adore your dear ones with all your love, best wishes, and blessings with twenty-one stalk lucky bamboo plant. Yes, this plant will bring all the luck and fulfil all their dreams in the near future.

So, no matter what the occasion is, bring all the good luck, wealth, and happiness to your loved ones by gifting such a beautiful gift of luck.

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