Why you should get a full body checkup now?


In the present times, a large part of the population has a sedentary lifestyle due to the constant drive to get ahead in their career paths. In this rat race, it is easy to forgo of minor symptoms that could be underlying determinants of serious health adversities. It is often noted that most medical conditions are not identified unless they become evidently symptomatic and start to interfere with the daily activities of a person.   

All of us have heard the age-old proverb that “Health is wealth”. The implication of this age-old axiom has faded through the years because of priorities preceding the interests of one’s health. What we end up forgetting in our busy lives is that, without a fully functioning healthy body, it is very difficult for a person to survive, let alone thrive.  Thus, it is very important to constantly keep a check on the body’s functioning.

A full body checkup consists of a comprehensive diagnosis of the functioning of all physical as well as biological systems in the body. It helps in ascertaining the health of the various organs in the body. Getting a regular checkup also helps in detecting any ailment at an early stage. Early detection and detection is a blessing in disguise as treating medical adversity as a preliminary stage is easier and the rehabilitation process is less time-consuming.

Other than the present condition of a person, a full body checkup helps in analyzing if a person is susceptible to developing certain illnesses or conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma because of their lifestyle, family history, environmental factors, daily routine, etc.    Thus, not only is getting a regular full body checkup a good diagnostic measure, but it is also a very efficient tool for the prevention of serious medical adversities.

The most important reasons why it is absolutely necessary to get regular full-body checkups are-

  1. Comprehensive by nature- A full body checkup can be adequately-defined as a collection of various diagnostic and preventive tests that help in ascertain any and all health ailment that may be existing or the patient may be susceptible to developing.
  2. Helps to evaluate the current medical condition- The human body is an ever-changing structure that keeps changing over time. It is essential to get regular full-body checkups to ensure that all bodily functions are operational in an effective manner despite changes due to various environmental, genetic or lifestyle factors. It helps in identifying any adverse conditions that may arise due to these changes which are not exhibiting any evident symptoms as of that time.
  3. Allows early detection of pre-existing diseases- Because of the dynamic nature of the environment as well as the human body, we may contract a number of illnesses which may be easy to ignore as they do not exhibit extreme symptoms. Although most diseases can easily be identified because of the existing symptoms such as fever, headache, and backache, there are some conditions that have dormant symptoms which do not surface until the disease or condition becomes very severe such as PCOD. Getting regular body checkup helps in detecting and evaluating all conditions which may be symptomatic or non-symptomatic. A regular full body checkup also helps in preventing the onset of any conditions that may arise due to any nutritional imbalance in the body. Early detection and evaluation of pre-existing or dormant conditions help in getting treatment at the earliest preliminary stage before the condition gets severe.  
  4. Helps to reduce healthcare cost- Although an illness may arise suddenly without a warning or prior symptoms, getting a regular full body checkup substantially reduce the chances of occurrence of an unknown ailment. This is because a full body checkup involves full evaluation of all functions and organs in the body.

Detection of pre-existing illnesses helps in getting treatment at a preliminary stage which is more economical than getting treatment when the condition is severely symptomatic.

  • Helps in early detection of lifestyle and occupational ailments- The most common facets of the routine of a person these days are stress, inactivity, and long seating. Fast pacing life has increased the reliance on processed and junk food, leading to the onset of various lifestyle illnesses. Cases of lifelong conditions such as obesity, severe skin conditions, hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, computer vision syndrome, and PCOD are on an all-time high. Getting regular body checkups helps in identifying conditions at a preliminary stage, allowing a person to take necessary precautions to avoid the condition from worsening and becoming a lifelong illness. 

It can be established through the above-mentioned factors that getting regular full body checkup is better and more economical than actually treating an illness/ condition. For people in Girgaonlooking to get a full body analysis, you can easily book an appointment at saifee hospital, Girgaon. Along with having a team of well-skilled and experienced doctors, Saifee Hospital Mumbai provides comprehensive and economical full body checkup packages for its patients.   

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