8 Bike Tips for Riding in Traffic


Riding in traffic is nothing less than a nightmare. It is however remarkable watching motorcyclist deal with different tasks on a daily basis. Performing these tasks successfully means reacting correctly towards each difficulty.

However, if things were to go wrong in performing these tasks then it would lead to road accidents. Safety measures need to be taken beforehand as well as while riding. Moreover, riders need to have two-wheeler insurance under their name.

Having appropriate bike insurance coverage will help you overcome any financial loss caused in case something happens to your vehicle. Apart from this, you need to be street-smart when dealing with the traffic situation.

Here are eight strategies that will help you deal with traffic.

Watch Drivers’ Heads & Mirrors

One of the best ways of anticipating any driver’s sudden moves is by observing their head movements through their windows and mirrors. Drivers usually don’t take a turn without moving their heads one way or another.

Trust Your Mirrors, But Not So Much

The side mirrors are basically lifesavers, but they don’t always speak the true story. In traffic-like situations, make sure that you are checking your mirror-generated rear views with a glance over the appropriate shoulder. Not only will it add an extra measure of rear-view, but will also help you understand the blind-spot.

Avoid Getting In Between

There is a simple rule – never put yourself in the position where you are between a vehicle and an off-ramp. Also, make sure that you are not passing on the right. In case, you happen to it often, make sure you are doing it between exists or cross-streets.

Cover Your Brakes

It is essential that you react quickly in traffic. In other words, do not fumble for the brake lever or pedal. For minimizing the reach time, make it a habit of keeping your fingers on the brake lever and your toe close to the rear brake pedal. This will keep you prepared at all times when riding.

Be Noticed

Make sure that you are visible to other drivers and pedestrians. Try wearing bright colored gears, especially when it comes to your helmet and jacket. Plus, now that they are in fashion, you cannot make any excuses for not wearing them.

Be Ready With the Power

If you travel in traffic a lot, make sure that you ride in a gear lower than you normally would. Hence, you will be prepared to jump forward almost instantly if needed. Moreover, it gives you an option of leaping ahead instead of being restricted to just using the brakes.

Stay Left (Or Right) In Slow Traffic

When the traffic slows, stay to the left or right of the vehicle ahead of you. This will provide you an exit if needed. Also, it will keep you from becoming a hood ornament if the vehicle behind you fails to stop in time.

Practice the Scan

Keep it a habit of constantly scanning your surrounding while riding. From instruments, mirrors, the road in front of you, blind-spots, to your left and right rears – be aware and always in touch with your environment. This will help you react better in case anything was to go wrong.

The Final Thought

It is definitely tiring to travel in the traffic-like situation on a daily basis. However, traffic also takes a toll on your vehicle’s condition. For this reason, you need to maintain your ride from time to time. In case, there is some fault, your bike insurance plan is most likely to cover it for you.

Don’t have a bike insurance policy yet?

Well, it is highly advisable to buy one as soon as possible. Choose a plan that provides maximum coverage and has low bike insurance premium. You can also compare different policies online and buy one that is most suitable for your needs.

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