Film Industry by the Numbers


This infographic provides an interesting insight into the business of filmmaking in Hollywood. When a movie earns a profit, there are producers, investors, and distributors who make maximum profits out of the film. Most of the film budget is broken down into percentages that are reserved for advertising, distribution, production, and actors. Spiderman is the most expensive film made. In this info graphics titled, “Film Industry by the Numbers” you will see how money flows in the making of a hit Hollywood film.

Most of the highest grossing movies such as Avatar, Hangover, Transformers, Harry Potter, etc, have made their producers and distributors richer in the year 2009. Michael Bay has been the richest producer in the list of Hollywood films in the year 2009. Most of the profit is earned from the small miniplexes as compared to the multiplex theatres that give a better viewing experience.

This industry offers many jobs in a variety of departments. Warner Brothers Company has made the maximum profits of earning through Hollywood films compared to other popular production and distribution companies such as Paramount pictures, 20th Century Fox or others. Though it provides less than thirty dollar entertainment to the entire family compared to a baseball game which would cost roughly $94, the movie business earns maximum profits compared to the baseball games. What this infographic tells us is that instead of going to amusement parks or other sporting events, people opt for going to the movies more.


Insightful information about the film business and the business of Hollywood.


Could’ve used better color combination to represent the charts and stats.

Film Industry by the Numbers


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