15 Bizarre Toilet Casualties

Toilet is the place where we go in a relaxed mood, feeling invincible. What can really happen in a toilet right? This infographic will make you think differently. There are things which can happen even in your toilet. Some things are undeniable and they can happen anywhere, whether you are in your toilet or in your bedroom. The infographic however, has funnier undertones. It depicts what kinds of things can strike you while you are in the toilet. Read “15 Bizarre Toilet Casualties” to understand them better.

There are examples of famous personalities like Elvis Presley, who have had major accidents while they were in the toilets. These toilet accidents will come to haunt you! They will make you feel like such things can happen anytime, and to anyone. Did you know that King George II also died after falling from a toilet? Such bizarre incidents are more common than one would think. We know of these incidents because they have happened with famous personalities. Who knows how many such incidents happen throughout the world every day to common people like us, which no one knows about?

Think about it. A place as innocent as the bathroom can become your most dreaded place in no time. Read on this infographic with that thought.

Likes: The overall image is very neat. It is written nicely in blocks and is easy to understand which its added plus is.

Dislikes: Some of the writings called for more graphics. An infographic is nothing without graphics right? But overall it is a decent one.

15 Bizarre Toilet Casualties

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