Food Consumption in America

Most of the Americans face the problems with weight and deal with obesity because they enjoy eating junk food and drinking beer. Right from ham burgers, pizzas, French fries, sodas, caffeine, most of the foods they eat are usually very high on calories, making the average American look obese. In this infographic titled, “Food Consumption in America” you will see the kind of foods Americans eat on an average.

Compared to eating meat, most of them also opt for vegetables in their diet. They might use it in making salads, burgers, or sandwiches. They also eat meat such as chicken, which is their staple food and also makes them overweight. Cheese, dairy products, fats and oils, all constitute to making an average American to putting on weight. Even teens and children remain overweight because of this very reason.

Fruits, cocoa products, nuts, ice creams are also the kind of food items consumed regularly by Americans. Most of these lack nutrients and sodas, and if consumed at an unhealthy measure may pose serious health problems as well. Junk food hits the metabolism rate directly. Since the metabolism comes down, so does the physical activity giving a sedentary life. Such a lifestyle leads to many more health problems at a very young age.


Concise wheel which in a nice way, depicts visually on the kind of food items consumed by an average American.


There could have been more information, or rather the chart could be even more exhaustive.

Food Consumption in America

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