Facebook Economy Stats

Facebook earns through ads, promotional pages, apps, games, etc. Compared to the most popular pages on Facebook, all the apps and games created by Zynga that are on Facebook earn maximum revenue and has maximum users compared to the other popular Facebook pages. In this cleverly designed infographic titled, “Facebook Economy Stats” you will see from which app or page, Facebook generates its maximum revenue.

If you have ever played the Farmville, Castle Ville, and many other games on Facebook and have also got a facepalm for sending game requests to other people in your friends list, that is because of the magic created by Zynga games that you as a user are addicted to. Most of these games have a very simple game strategy that is very engaging for users of all age groups. A variety of apps on Facebook are famous. Apart from games, you will find apps for business, cool quiz apps, etc.

Though Electronic Arts is the company that is popular for creating a variety of video games that can be played on various platforms, Zynga still rules the gamer’s zone on Facebook. Especially, since it is simple to load, has many cool graphics and a lot of information fed that loads easily. Even Starbucks page or Megan Fox’s page on Facebook is not as popular as the Zynga games apps. If Facebook were a country, according to this infographic, it would be the world’s third most populated country. That statement alone is mindboggling.

Likes: Cool facts about Facebook revenue cleverly displayed.

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courtesy: techpaparazzi.com

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