Call of Duty Black Ops

Everyone loves Call of Duty. But not many of us know the basic details of the recently launched Black Ops game. Do you think you do? Then check out your knowledge with this infographic. Match your trivia knowledge and see how much you have learnt about your beloved game in this infographic called “Call of Duty Black ops”.

Did you know that just within the last 24 hours, the Black Ops players have shot as many people in the game as there are residents in the United States? In this infographic you will find many such other intriguing details about the latest entrant to the Call of Duty series. It was made by Treyarch by putting specific numbers and figures into the Black Ops game.

The stats and figures were collected by Spikjermat and it is filled with fascinating details regarding the game. According to it, the Black Ops Players have stabbed as many as 2 Million people on their backs. They have fired numerous explosives as well. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how much they would have cost if they were done in real life? This infographic tells you exactly that.

In essence, it will thrash your beliefs that “gamers are lazy” in fact, they have waged more wars than most. Overall just a fun infographic to look and laugh about.

Like: Excellent picture. The background complements the tone of the infographic as a whole.

Dislike: Too little information has been provided. More space could have been filled up by lending out more information about the actual number of people playing the game.

Call of Duty Infographic


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