Poker Income vs Sports Salaries

Poker Income vs Sports Salaries 1

Just like a lot of sports, poker players online too have a salary and income they earn. Like many other sports, poker games too have world tournaments where the players earn millions. Compared to Tennis and Autoracing, a poker player earns more in millions compared to these sports people in these tournaments. In this intriguing infographic titled, “Poker Income vs Sports Salaries” you will see how much a poker player earns compared to other professional sports people.

Poker series have thousands of attendants compared to sports fans found in stadiums during the tournament. The variation in the number of people attending poker tournaments is very large compared to the number of people who attend other sports. Though you will have more live audience who are physically present at the game, in poker you will mostly find online users across the world who have logged in at that time.

Though this online game lets a lot of players who aren’t necessarily professional players and earn a lot of money, it is a surprise that people earn in millions just playing poker online. A highest paid poker player earned around eight and a half million in a single world tournament. This is more than an auto racing sports person can earn. You will also get information on how much most of the football, golf, and tennis teams earn on an average.


Precise information about how much professional players earn on an average.


More information about other sports and less about poker.

Poker Income vs Sports Salaries


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