Just Cause 2 Chaos

Just Cause 2 is a pretty famous action packed adventure video game developed by Avalanche Studios. This infographic titled “Just Cause 2 Chaos” covers amazing facts and figures about this popular game. Since six months of the release of this game, players have raced up a total game of 26,118, 470 hours. This equals to 1.1 million days of playtime.

This infographic is quite amazing and all fans of Just Cause 2 will certainly love this infographic. The player death statistics is quite an interesting highlight of this infographic. There are many ways a player can die in this game. The statistics reveals that 49% of the player death has been due to explosions, 32% by bullet, 16% by impact, 2% by drowning and just 1% by other ways.

The total kilometres driven by the players equal 173,505,190 kilometres. This is equivalent to 4,338 times the circumference of the Earth, 452 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon and 3 times the distance from the Earth to the Mars. The details about the weapons of choice provided in this infographic are quite fascinating. 28% of the players preferred using sub machine guns for dealing with the Panauan Military. The rest preferred using assault rifles (25%), pistols (19%), sawed-off shotguns (12%), machine guns (10%) and sniper rifles (6%). This game has received good reviews from the players and has become quite famous worldwide. If you’re a gamer, do check this out off-beat infographic below.

Likes: Covers interesting facts about the game; facts and figures have been depicted well

Dislikes: Nothing to point out! It’s quite interesting overall.

Just Cause 2 Infographic

Courtesy: ps3.ign.com

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