Baseball Odds

More than one million adult fans of baseball exist in the U.S. Most of the people here enjoy their super bowl time and baseball is also one of their favorite sports. A few in these millions are also superstitious fans who will not do anything bad to jinx their favorite game. They might have some odd ball self-prophesized theory about bringing luck to their favorite teams; say for example, their lucky cap, or t-shirt. Fans can come up with really odd and wacky superstitions that they think will always save their favorite baseball teams from losing. In this infographic titled, “Baseball Odds” you will get all the statistics about America’s favorite pastime.

People selling hot dogs, beer and peanuts make maximum profits during the days of baseball matches. Most of the U.S Presidents have thrown the first pitch of these baseball matches. You can also view the statistics if the American League or National League team opener will win the game. Statistics say that more than fifty percent of the games were won by home teams.

A ticket to the Yankee’s game is the most expensive one as it can cost more than thousand dollars per person. Tickets to other baseball games cost anywhere between four to thirty dollars or less per person. During this season, the beer sold is the most expensive one.


Statistics about baseball teams, interesting facts and figures about how many men and women like this game.


Order of the information is jumbled up.

Baseball Infographic


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