The Numbers Behind China

The Numbers Behind China 1

How well do we know our neighbouring country? Do we know their statistics? Do we know our statistics compared to them? This infographic focuses on the former part of this question. It elaborates China based on the different numbers, that is, their population, the number of shoes they export, manufacturing units, etc.  This is one of the concrete infographics through which one can see China and its growth as the next superpower. You can also gauge Chinese development by this infographic.

The infographic titled “The Numbers Behind China” clearly state the number of Chinese motor vehicles, and even the amount in figures of sugar which China consumes. If you want to learn more about China and how far they have come since their formation, this is an apt infographic. It was made in 2010 so it is still quite relevant. It gives you a brief insight as to what China is all about. You will also find information regarding the media reports and crime statistics here.

It will tell you the story of China through the numbers. This is why it is the best picture which will give you a very detailed report about China. The next time you have a heated argument with your friends and colleagues, just show them this infographic and tell them the facts.

Likes: This infographic has the best usage of graphics and drawings representing the various stats mentioned in the picture. It has a very detailed incident report.

Dislikes: Some parts of the infographic could’ve been better represented through the usage of wheel charts or bar graphs.

The Numbers Behind China [infographic]


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