Who are the Entrepreneurs?

If you want to start your own business, then this infographic will give you an insight into the education, problems, and some basic statistics on the age at which most of the entrepreneurs started their first venture. In this infographic titled, “Who are the Entrepreneurs” you will see how most of the entrepreneurs have only educated themselves at the graduation levels while only a handful of people with a PhD have opted for entrepreneurship.

Most of them start their own business at the age of forty or after they are married. Also, a few of them have an experience of at least six years working as an employee in an organization before taking on the plunge of entrepreneurship. However, most of the entrepreneurs face the main problem with cash flow and working capital to run their business.

Finding the right investors and keeping the interest up of the investors and sponsors through their business becomes their challenge. Being able to pitch their business idea to the investors becomes a deciding factor for the growth of their business. Yet another problem they face with regard to having a business is paying all kinds of taxes and carrying out the expenses to run their company. Most of them start a part time business because it guarantees steady flow of income and lesser financial risk. If you’re an entrepreneur or someone who dreams of being one, this infographic is a must-see.


A good insight into entrepreneurship, investment in small business, taxes, etc.


Could have had more examples on small business and working capital.

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