6 Ways to Stay Cool and Make the Most of Peak Rainy Season



Monsoon is the season when the blissful rains bless the dry grounds. The heavenly smell of the earth and the freshness in the air surely brings a smile to our face. North Indians would agree that monsoons are the only time when you can hope to enjoy and relax, whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Monsoons are also the time when you can spend time working on brainy stuff without feeling overly hot or sleepy. However, summers are not over yet, and the sun can quickly remind you of the times before the cloud invasion.

So, here are a few ways in which you can keep yourself cool and make the most of the season:

Staying Cool

While the skies are cloudy, and the sun is hidden monsoon feels like bliss. However, a small peak of still hot summer sun can dampen the spirit. Therefore, a couple of formulas to stay cool:

  1. Stay Hydrated

Drink ample water to keep your body hydrated. Avoid too much caffeine as it soaks the water from your body. Sports drinks should be preferred over soda or caffeinated drinks. Staying hydrated will keep your body cool.

  1. Wear Light Cotton Clothes

When it is not raining, it can easily get a lot more humid and frustrating at this time of the year. Thus, it is best to put on something, that will keep the sweat from picking on you while keeping it cool.

Cotton clothes are known to follow both properties and allow the air to pass through them. This keeps your body cool, and your brain functional even under extra humid conditions. Plus, lighter shades can useful as they absorb less heat and can stay cool longer.

  1. Avoid Stale Food

Extra humidity and volatile temperatures can cause fast degradation of food items. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious while consuming anything which has been cooked a while ago.

For example, having the food cooked early in the morning at night, more so, when you are hungry for the street food. Remember that it is the temperature at which the food is served makes all the difference. However, reheated food doesn’t fall into this category, especially in the monsoons.

Making the Most of The Season

  1. Hot Beverage, Fritters & Picnics

While we are busy with our everyday work and routine, amidst such a schedule, a long drive is a good option. Monsoon is the best season to go on a long drive with your special one, friends, or family. Mix some hot beverages, fritters and friends, and you have a robust setting to make the most of this weather.

The cool breeze with the pit-pat of the pouring rains calls for a small family gathering while sipping on hot beverages and eating the crispy hot fritters. This is the perfect image every Indian has for the monsoons. It doesn’t matter if you live alone. You can just sit by the window and enjoy the moment.

  1. Act on Complicated Financial Matters

Monsoons are the only season when you can enjoy your time even staying at home. The sudden cool breeze is relatively relaxing after the bout of extra hot and humid weather. Why not use this relaxed state of mind to mend some long pending but important financial matters; i.e. buying insurance for self and family?

Insurance, especially health and term insurance are the two most important financial security measures for anyone with an income. With the availability of best health and term plans online, you do not even need to run around to buy these plans.

Simply compare, calculate and complete the formalities online for the plan. Even if you feel that you need handholding, you can connect to the 24×7 customer service and resolve your queries.

Moreover, both health and term insurance plans will also help you save more tax every year. Life and health insurance plans will offer you overall satisfaction too, knowing that your assets and family’s lifestyle are safe regardless of contingencies.

  1. Read a Book

Books have a way of not just enlightening your mood, but also upgrading your perspective. Reading books while listening to the surreal sound of raindrops can be very peaceful. Those who enjoy reading could easily relate to this feeling. For those who do not read, this could be the best time to start.

Rains spread happiness all over by cleansing the earth and symbolizes new beginnings. So, this monsoon, make the most of it by making memories that will last forever.

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