Food Poisoning: Is Factory Farming Making us Sick?

Food Poisoning: Is Factory Farming Making us Sick? 1
While everyone agrees that factory farming has a negative impact on the animals that are involved, many people don’t realize that these farms may be exposing us to dangerous germs and toxins. The infographic below outlining the real effects factory farming may have on us, how factory farms are taking over our food supply.
Factory farms, also called Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFO’s), have snuck into our nation with devastating consequences. In short, CAFO’s only represent 5% of the nation’s farming operations, however, they produce 50% of our food animals.
With such a large amount of animals in such a small space, it’s no surprise that their crammed quarters lead to environmental problems-to the tune of 300 million tons of animal waste per year. This waste leaks into the water and air-adding growth hormones, E.Coli, animal blood, nitrogen, and other toxins into your environment.
Since factory farms are rarely clean and sanitary, pathogens abound. MRSA cases have risen. E.Coli, which causes 16% of food-borne illnesses, can usually be traced to factory farms feeding grain-based diets.
Campylobacter and salmonella are most commonly found in eggs and poultry, and both pathogens have recently shown signs of drug resistance. 23.4% of farms with caged hens, 4.4% of organic flocks, and 6.5% of free-range flocks test positive for salmonella.  62% of chicken sold in supermarkets are contaminated with Campylobacter.
Food Poisoning
Food Poisoning

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