14 Things You Should Know About Pizza

We all love Pizza, but how much do we actually know about it apart from the country it originated from? If you thought there was nothing else to be known about this special food, you were wrong. There are so many things which we don’t know about it yet. You will find many of those things inscribed in this beautiful infographic called “14 Things You Should Know About Pizza”.

Did you know which the favorite topping of Americans for Pizza is? It is Pepperoni. There is a lot of such other tidbits of information provided here. If you love Pizza, you have got to take a look at this one. Did you know that there is a price tag on different sorts of pizzas eaten by celebrities and the likes of it. In fact, the most expensive pizza on earth was sold on Ebay for 3,700 USD. Yes, that’s right!

Meany states and small towns have one pizza for thousands of residents. It is one of the most common things people order when they are feeling “not in the mood for cooking”. On an average, an American consumes as many as 46 slices of Pizzas per year – yes, now you know where those calories were coming from. Get a lot of such information about Pizzas from this cleverly designed infographic.

Likes: It is very well described. The facts itself are so interesting that it makes the effort to read worthwhile.

Dislikes: The overuse of Red color can be eye-soaring, we suggest better color combinations.

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pizza infographic

courtesy: onlineschools.org/blog

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