State of Jobs in USA

You might find jobs easily in retail and sales in USA. There are more than eight percent of jobs available in the retail sector in America. You could easily find jobs in the sales of insurance, clothes, FMGC products, etc. In all probability you might get a job in the retail sector in any part of America compared to the jobs in other fields. In this cleverly designed infographic titled, “State of Jobs in USA” you will see the jobs that are mostly available in America.
Whether you live in New Hampshire, Carolina, or any other state in USA, your chances of landing a job in the field of computer, education, and retail is greater than anything else. If you are looking at a specific career prospect, then you will have to figure it out yourself. Pharmaceuticals and computer jobs are in demand apart from retail jobs. There are also jobs in food chains, restaurants, jobs of cashiers, and drivers available.
The fields of medicine, counselling, engineering, computers, computer network, home care and personal care related professions are fast growing in America. From this infographic you will see the state that is more economically progressive and the state that is more economically distressed. It also gives insights into how the crime rates is directly effecting the economic conditions of that state.
An insight into the kind of jobs available in most of the states in America. All stats depicted clearly with good use of charts.
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State of Jobs in USA Infographic


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