Broadcast Television

All over the world, there is a hush-hush about the ongoing decline of the age of television and television networks. People, it seems, are more hooked on to their computers, laptops and tablets than their televisions nowadays. Anything they want to watch, whether it be TV series or movies, they can get it online, if not in the local theatres. This has led to a major decline in the business world of the television networks. Apparently the major television channels are seeing a drop in their profits as ad providers are providing ads on other platforms.

This infographic called “Broadcat Television” charts the path of the television era’s decline. It shows how the loss incurred and by what percent these television channels are losing. This is really an eye opener for all the others out there who have started a venture out of the television channel industry.

It is not a booming, but a declining industry after all, at least in the US as per this informative infographic. Learn it to get to know which of the channels are running at a lower viewership than before. Is it because they have failed to produce great content as before or are the preferences of their viewers changing? Is it because of the oncoming of internet? These questions remain. But what it clearly states is that in order for the traditional TV networks to survive, they need a different strategy as well as great content to boot.

Likes: It is a very interesting infographic with images and text placed at the right places. The information provided too, is quite accurate.

Dislikes: The infographic only concentrates on the US television market.

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Broadcast Television


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