Where The People From New York Move To?

By checking the details in Dumbo Moving & Storage system we were trying to examine the moving course in New York during the past three months. The purpose of this research was to establish which areas in New York
people are moving to, where they are moving from and what the most popular long-distance destinations are.
Boerum Hill is the most often moved to and left area. According to Dumbo Moving & Storage’s database, Murray Hill is on the second place on this list. In terms of leaving, Yorkville is the most popular area, and so
are Upper West Side and Morning Side Heights. Also, Morning Side Heights is considered as the third area regarding ”moving to” aspect. Then follow Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea.

Since there is an increased interest for following areas: Murray Hill, Boerum Hill, and Morning Site Heights the rent costs seem to get higher. Yorkville and the Upper West Side previously were the main real estate
centers, but nowadays Brooklyn seems to be taking that title, due to a progress of art scene, and that’s what makes it more attractive to young New Yorkers.

Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea are known for their supporting attitude for the gay population and thanks to the vicinity to the midtown they are main real estate centers.

However, 83% of our moving requests are within NYC. As for moving to another state, our most wanted long destinations are New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts. Massachusetts is especially attractive for students who are aiming to attend the university. Source: dumbomoving.com

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Where The People From New York Move To?

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