Web rules the world today without any shadow of doubt. Can you imagine your life without accessing web? Be it for the purpose of networking or to look for information, everybody needs to access web. Have you ever wondered how so much information is compiled and made available to people? HTML is the tool that is made use of for this purpose. This infographic titled “WFT is HTML5” introduces one to the basics of HTML5 which is the latest version of HTML5. Check out this infographic to know what HTML5 is.
This infographic covers the basics that one needs to know about HTML5. If you are absolutely clueless about what HTML5 is. An introduction to what HTML is has also been provided in this infographic. The browsers that support HTML5 have also been listed in this infographic.

HTML5 readiness in various browsers, compatibility of browsers with the various features of this tool has also been mentioned in this infographic. The future status is the coolest part of this infographic and you must certainly check it out. This informative infographic is an ideal one for tech geeks. A detailed comparison between HTML5 and Flash has also been done in this infographic. Four parameters have been considered for drawing comparisons. This infographic covers all aspects about the basics of HTML5 tool. Though there is too much to read, this is quite informative one.

Likes: Detailed information about the topic, clear description, good use of tools for representing data.

Dislikes: Too much text to read, and it looks a bit jumbled up.

HTML 5 Infographic

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