Infographic: Most Disliked Videos on Youtube

When it comes to watching videos over the web, almost everybody accessed YouTube. Everybody millions of people over the globe view videos on YouTube. This amazing site has access to various kinds of videos. There is even a feature to like and dislike the videos. This dislike feature lets one know which video is the most disliked one over YouTube. This infographic titled “Infographic: Most Disliked Videos on YouTube” brings out the top videos disliked by people over this platform.

This infographic is quite simple and doesn’t have anything flashy. It just consists of information about the most disliked videos on YouTube. The universally hated music videos of some famous celebs have been featured in this infographic. You must certainly log in to your YouTube account to check out why these videos are hated universally. The videos of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Rebecca Black and Tay Zonday have made their way into this infographic.

It’s quite interesting to note that five of the videos by Justin Bieber have been featured in this infographic. This makes it quite evident that people worldwide dislike videos by Justin Bieber. This infographic is quite a hilarious one. You must either go through this infographic to know which videos you must avoid to prevent wasting your time on or you must go through this one to have a nice time checking out why you must avoid the videos listed in this infographic.

Likes: A hilarious infographic and a simple one.

Dislikes: There isn’t any other info on the videos, the list is also short.

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Infographic: Most Disliked Videos on Youtube
Infographic: Most Disliked Videos on Youtube



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