How to Make the Best Out of Walmart Black Friday Deals?

Walmart Black Friday Deals

Walmart Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is still weeks away but it’s beginning to feel a lot like the shopping fervor is here already. Walmart has already started offering a bunch of noteworthy discounts on everything that you plan to horde during this shopping season.

I’m ready with my list and trying to take some advantage of the early sales. Are you done preparing your shopping list for the items that you want to grab this Black Friday? Do it before your neighbor lays their hand on the product that you have waited for so long to purchase! It’s not easy after all to grab all that you need amidst a crowd of hungry shoppers!

It’s already raining deals!

If you are the kind that wants to avoid the crowd instead of fighting to buy all that you need at discounted rates, then you can as well head over to Walmart. The store is already offering the vibe of the holiday season. Things are already being offered at much discounted rates. Why not make the most out of the deals?

With Walmart rolling out new early Black Friday Deals, you will be feeling dizzy with the array of options in the offing. Have you been eyeing the Robo vacuum for long? Walmart is offering this product for just $179! You will be saving $220 if you visit Walmart right away. Also, the 9.7-inch Apple iPad (128 GB) is being offered at $299, a cool savings of $130!

Why Walmart is one of the best places to shop during Black Friday?

Walmart has a massive inventory and you will not have to go back home empty-handed. The discounts being offered currently is the real reason why you shouldn’t wait until Black Friday to purchase the products on your wish list. Just in time for the holiday season, Capital One and Walmart are teaming to offer Rewards Credit Card Program.

Consumers would be provided access to two different cards: Walmart Rewards Card and Capital One Walmart Rewards MasterCard. The latter card offers 5 percent back on Walmart purchases. The same discount would be applicable to payments made using the Walmart Pay app. Walmart Rewards Cardholders would also be offered 5 percent on purchases made on the app, on in-store purchases and through the official website. 2 percent cashback is also being offered at Walmart Fuel Stations.

What I love about shopping at Walmart?

Over 265 million shoppers visit Walmart stores worldwide every week. There is something that Walmart is doing the right way. I simply love Walmart and I have my own reasons. The consistent effort to upgrade the inventory is one of the reasons why I always myself shopping there. Walmart has introduced several sections in over 5,000 stores. The produce and grocery upgrades let you purchase organic products, sushi, and charcuterie with much ease. The company has also collaborated with Culinary and Innovation Center test Kitchen for developing new food items. The healthy push into organic foods is something that I absolutely adore.

Apart from increasing the inventory and a couple of upgrades, the free next day delivery option and free curbside pickup features are quite desirable. You can place the order online and just drive to the neighborhood store to load the items into your car. You don’t even have to step into the store battling a huge crowd. How cool is that?

Tips for the shoppers

Here are some tips that can help you get most out of your Black Friday deals at Walmart.

  • Make a list of items that you wish to purchase
  • Create a rough estimate of your budget
  • Check out the Walmart Black Friday ad using this link to chalk out a plan well in advance
  • Download the store map and take a print of it. This will help you access the section that you want to with much ease before the stock lasts
  • Research the products and brands before hitting the store so that you do not have to waste time making a decision later on
  • Make the best use of gift cards if you have any
  • Score early deals on Walmart if you want to avoid fights and trampling
  • Use shopping bags instead of carts if you want to maneuver easily in the crowd

My Wish list

With holiday and shopping season just around the corner, I already have my wish list ready. I’m super excited and just hoping that I get a chance to lay my hands on LG 55” 4K OLED TV. I want to spend the festive season with my family and friends watching our favorite shows together. The best thing is that it includes the Microsoft Xbox One S. I’m also keeping my eye on Vintage Cookware Set so that I can delight my family with my recipes. What are you planning to grab this shopping season?

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