Few Truths About Movie Theatres in India That Every Moviegoer Must Know

Few Truths About Movie Theatres in India That Every Moviegoer Must Know 1

Nothing can be more worthwhile than watching the biggest blockbuster on big screen rather than watching at home. So, we all love to watch movies on movie theatres rather than watching at home. But there are many strange things that you will find in cinema theatres and no staff in the theatre would tell you about this earlier. Cinema theatres hide many things from the moviegoers and hence it is necessary that you are well equipped with those facts before booking your ticket for next blockbuster.

Profits are not Made from Tickets, but from Selling Popcorns

This may sound strange, but in reality cinema theatres make more profits from selling popcorns and soda in the theatres. The profit margin is more in popcorns and soda than the cost of the tickets. Cinema theatres have to pay a huge royalty to the film studios for the 1st two months of distribution and thereafter all profits made from the movie go to the theatres. So, to maintain the balance the cinema theatres sell out the tickets as prescribed by the authority and increases the rates of soda and popcorns to counterbalance the profits. However, with bookmyshow promo codes online one can book tickets and combo meals online at much discounted rates to save some money. So, this is the effective way to experience movie watching at very affordable rate.

Choosing Best Seats

When you book tickets from the counter of the multiplex or PVR, no ticketing agent will tell you the ideal seat in the theatre to experience best movie watching experience with great sounding. But the option of online ticket booking allows you to book the best seats to experience best visuals and sound. You are required to book your seat about two third of way back and close to the centre. This is the location where engineers sit to standardize the sound system of the theatres. So, next time when you book ticket ensure to get seated on this area for better visual and sound experience.

Cleaning Staff Never Clean the Theatres Properly Between Movie Shifts

You might have noticed movie theatres floors are quite dirty and sticky even after the cleaning staffs have cleaned the hall after every screening. This is possible because due to tight timing between movie screenings all the staffs get little time to sweep the floors and clean it thoroughly. As a result you see dirty floors after every screening. They only clean the hall at night with cleaning solutions.

High Volume Can be Dangerous

Despite the set audio system standards and volume level requirements, some of the movie theatres in India regulate itself to suit the needs. But, you need to be aware of the action movie with many battle scenes and bombings as the increasing level of volume can be dangerous for your health. So, avoid watching the action scenes or movies on big screen and ensure that the theatre maintains the set volume requirements.

Popcorn Smell Very Good Than Ordinary in Movie Theatres in India

There are many reasons why we cannot resist the mesmerizing smell of the popcorn in the movie theatres of India. Most of the movie theatres across India have their own secret recipes which create unique smell and some of the theatres add a mixture of canola and coconut for the smell along with other food additives. All these things make the popcorn smell truly alluring and attracting.

Combo Deals will not save you Money

Combo deals that you purchase in movie theatres won’t help you save your money. Combo deals usually comprise of snacks, soda and popcorn and if you compare the price of individual items and combo deals, you will see no major difference in the pricing. You will only save money if you go down with the size of your order or when you book tickets and combo deals online while booking tickets with PVR cinemas coupons or bookmyshow coupons. Some of the coupon codes even allow you to get free combo snacks with your movie tickets. So, avail such coupons for free and get discounted combo deals and tickets to save great deal of money.

So, these were some of the truth of movie theatres in India which no moviegoer would be aware of and no staff at theatres would share with you. So, next time when you plan to watch movie at theatres ensure to keep all these things in mind to enhance your movie watching experience.


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