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True Blood VS Walking Dead

If you’ve been watching TV in the last 3 years, you have probably heard about or seen The Walking Dead or True Blood. If you have not, the following infographic by One Vision TV will tell you more. The zombie and vampire phenomenon has taken over not only TV, but also in movies such as Twilight and Dawn of the Dead being huge hits. There’s always the case of devoted followers arguing over which show is better, which show is more realistic or has a better chance of happening. [EXPAND Read More]Both are character driven shows with huge followers for watchers of their favorite character and how they develop and react to different situations. Whether your favorite character is Alcide from True Blood or Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, you could argue which one is “cooler” for days. It really just depends on your personal preference and for some people they just like vampires better than zombies. For me, I think The Walking Dead is way cooler because vampires and werewolves are just kind of cheesy to me. One Vision TV, a Direct TV provider which offers both shows to their customers, did a comparison of the two shows and how popular they are according to social media.

Now this may be a little skewed because one is on HBO and the other in basic cable but that’s debatable. Even the search traffic on Google was tracked according to Google Trends from Jan 2012 to Dec 2012. According to, The Walking Dead was the #2 ranked show, while True Blood was #9 ranked show for 2012 most social cable TV shows. Overall, social media TV comments and activity has grown 363% from 2011 to 2012, showing the power of social media. More fans and followers of shows are voicing their opinions of their favorite shows and sharing with their friends. There were 874 million social media comments about TV telecasts in 2012 which blew away 2011 which only had 189 million.[/EXPAND]

True Blood VS Walking Dead

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