Why Brits are the Best Grand Prix Racers

The 2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix 2013 season will be turning its engine on in Melbourne for another year of exciting wheel to wheel racing action. 22 drivers from 12 different nationalities will line the grid this year but here is proof that it will only be only nationality that will rule the grid this year.

This has been a sport that Britain have dominated throughout its 64 year history, taking the most championship points than any other country, winning over 25% of Grand Prix races and too top it all off Britain have set the fastest laps in 22% of all Grand Prix races.

Britain and America have together produced 38% of the world’s most elite drivers, with a 50/50 spilt of 19% each. However, even though these two nations share these figures, one has been far superior in collecting silverware. In fact, only 2 American drivers have won the championship; Mario Andretti in 1978 and Phil Hill in 1961. Whereas, Britain has established this feat no less than 14 times, including Jackie Stewart’s legendary Triple Crown.

With all the talk this year on Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Mercedes, a German built car, from his beloved McLaren team which if we look back in history may not be the most successful move. The only British driver to ever win a race in a German car was in 1955 with the talented Sterling Moss at the wheel in the British Grand Prix. So hopefully Hamilton will be able to rewrite a bit of history this year.

It’s not all about dominance in a sport built on entertainment rather than going in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction for just under 2 hours, if you’re looking for the most exciting drivers then look no further than the British as they are the most kamikaze nation as 18% of crashes have been them.

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It is worth noting that the Italian are quiet flamboyant and are a close second with just over 17% of the total crashes in Grand Prix History. So with undoubtedly the British ruling Grand Prix history it will remain to be seen if they can rule the 2013 season.

This infographic has been created by HostelBookers with information gained from reliable sources Formula1.com and the BBC. For more stats check out our Hostelbookers blog.

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