Top 10 Street Foods Mumbai

Top 10 Street Foods Mumbai 1

Mumbai is India’s most populous city, and the fifth most populous city in the world. As of 2011, Mumbai had an estimated city population of 18.4 million. Such a large diaspora of people has created an extremely diverse subset of people. This gives Mumbai its vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan nature. The outlook is of a richly cultural blend of traditional festivals, food, music and theater. The availability of options in terms of food, entertainment and nightlife is comparable and on par with the world’s largest capital cities.

One of Mumbai’s most famous food passions are its street food. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian options, both are available aplenty. Each kind of street food in Mumbai has a certain cult status attached to it. This is what makes having street food so much fun, as there is an occasion and a vibe associated. Also, most street foods incorporate a rich blend of taste, spices and exotic feel. This is completely in line with Mumbai’s amalgamation of diverse people and tastes.

There are several large cities in the world that have fantastic street food. One such city that can be compared to Mumbai is Bangkok. It can be said thought that Mumbai’s vegetarian options and fusion foods make it arguably the best in the world. Some of these foods have originated way back in the 1800s and are an essential part of local culture too. Foods like samosa have their roots and presence across the world but missal pav have originated has working class food in Mumbai itself. These simple foods have gained popularity rapidly, and have been included by some 5 star hotels as part of their menus too.

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Top 10 Street Foods Mumbai

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