Life and Times of Yo Yo Honey Singh

Life and Times of Yo Yo Honey Singh 1

Yo Yo Honey Singh is an icon in India today, one that has risen to the top of his field in rapid time. Yo Yo Honey Singh is a rapper, music producer, singer and film actor. He started off as a session and recording artist, later going on to become a Bhangra producer. Lately, he has delved into producing music for Bollywood films too.

Born in Delhi and aged 30, Yo Yo Honey Singh has been educated at the Trinity College of London in 2006. Although born as Hirdesh Singh, his professional name adopted of Yo Yo Honey Singh has definitely brought him luck and fame in ample quantity. Today, Honey Singh is regarded almost in the same breath as an Indian version of Eminem. His music has become synonymous in night clubs, gymnasiums, cars and the youth in general. The biggest attribute to the popularity of his lyrics are its simplicity, and affiliation with the common man.

Yo Yo Honey Singh has won several awards, and his immortal tunes have given him a strong platform in Bollywood. His debut song in a Bollywood movie was in the film Shakal Pe Mat Ja and featured Gagan Sidhu. The song Angreji Beat was used in the movie Cocktail, from his album International Villager. It is still a rage in most Punjabi and Indian night clubs. Honey Singh’s music is a mix of Hindi and Punjabi, with the singer himself admitting he prefers Punjabi has his primary language. His music is slick and groovy, and very catchy in nature. The music videos are fantastic too, with great dance numbers to complement an already powerful mix of lyrics and beats. Prodcued by Baap.Graphics

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