Timepieces For Watch Connoisseurs

If wisdom comes from knowing what you don’t know, connoisseurship comes from knowing what you can’t have. The Racing Touch collection from Tissot has remarkable horological models and is a set of great timepieces to kick-start your journey to being a watch connoisseur. Young collectors are accustomed to shopping at online stores, which has made it easy to find the best price of Tissot T Race watches in India. The watches from the Racing Touch collection will invite the nods of approval from aficionados and are an essential timepiece one should own at least at one point in their life.

The brand has pioneered craftsmanship since its inception. It has made several advancements in watch-making history, that include crafting the first mass-produced pocket watch, the first dual time-zone pocket watch, and the first plastic watch, among others. Tissot has spearheaded innovation in watch-making materials over the years, including wood and stone and the archetypal mother of pearl.

The Racing Touch watches accurately monitor speed and lap times, hence the name. The watches’ exterior too is inspired by the spirit of an adventurer, perfect for the individual on a rough and rugged journey, racing against time. The chronograph’s advanced features are in line with the ever-changing world of technology. The Racing Touch watches offer style, comfort and functionality, making it the ultimate sports watch.

The brand Tissot has something to offer for everyone. Ethos Watch Boutiques offer a wide array of options from the collection, making it easier to have access to Tissot watches in India.

Below, you’ll find a list of three popular watches from the Racing Touch collection from Tissot-

1) Model No: T002.520.11.051.00

The model from the Tissot Racing Touch Collection features an austere steel strap and a 43mm round steel case. The black dial and sapphire crystal add a touch of sophistication to the chronograph. The watch allows the user to switch between multiple time zones with ease. Frequent travellers often have to purchase different watches for different time zones, the Racing Touch is a smarter watch and eliminates the need to do so, making it a great travel companion.

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Other features include a touch screen, alarm function, water-resistance, and Quartz movement.

Pick this timepiece when you have a business meeting scheduled. The watch will stand out when worn with a dark conservative suit.

2) Model No: T002.520.11.031.00

The Tissot Racing Touch collection includes yet another masterpiece. With its 43mm round steel case and steel strap, the watch emulates a high-end feel. The model reflects the brand’s excellence in the field of technology, the Tissot watchmakers are rightly labelled as ‘innovators by tradition’. If you’re on the lookout for a watch that does what you want without breaking the bank, then the Racing Touch chronograph is the right pick.

The watch does not only show the time but also helps save time. The touch screen feature makes it easy to access the numerous features the timepiece possesses- alarm function, lap timing, easy switching between multiple time zones, amongst others.

With this watch on your wrist, you’ll be confident, prepared and dressed to impress. Silver is a neutral hue and goes well with most outfit combinations. Wear this one to liven up a casual outfit.

3) Model No: T002.520.17.111.00

The Tissot Racing Touch collection features yet another essential one should own. It comes with a white dial and silicon strap in the same hue. The colours give it the look of a watch meant for a sportsperson. It has beneficial features that include the ability to measure times and laps with its chronograph lap and chrono-split functions. The alarm feature can also be accessed with a simple touch on the sapphire crystal screen.

Other features of the watch include water resistance, Quartz movement.

Pick this watch when you want to add a hint of an athletic touch to an outfit, and with its features, you’re sure to be at the top of your game.

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