Graphic Era signs more than 13 MOUs with International Universities to promote Student Exchange Programs

Graphic Era

In the view to equipping students to compete and leave their mark on an International level. Graphic Era University (GEU, Dehradun) has formed associations with universities of America, UK, and other world-renowned universities. This alliance will be highly beneficial for the scholars as it would fabricate course development, internship-based collaboration, and international summer study program.

Graphic Era has been providing quality education for more than two decades. This first autonomous institute of North India presently enrolls approximately 12000 students in a variety of courses it offers.

It has become a notable name for excellence in academic services. This university is the winner of BID International Quality Summit Award in New York 2016 & Best Regional University by Europe Business Assembly Oxford City, United Kingdom.

Through this article, we wish to aware students about how this university can ensure your professional development?

13 MOUs and Their Uses to Students

Let’s look at the various MOUs signed by Graphic Era University(GEU) with the various international universities and how they will help you as a scholar:

  1. Arkansas State University, USA:

Arkansas State University is a public institution that was founded in 1909 and among top colleges in U.S.

  • Student Exchange Program: Great opportunity to learn abroad, making this once in a lifetime opportunity. Taking on the challenge of an international education is sure to develop your cultural awareness and knowledge of others, boost your self-esteem and skills to support a successful future career.
  • Joint Research: Both universities can be expected to produce more creative research outcomes by establishing common research themes.
  • Seminars and Workshops.
  • Sharing of Academic Information.
  1. Chatham University, USA:

Chatham University is located in Pittsburg, U.S.

The biggest advantage of this MOU is to the B.Tech students. As it can save your time and money if you choose to do M.S. from America or U.K.

  • B. Tech. the degree of 4 years and 2 years M.S. from the universities of America or U.K, will be done by Graphic Era students in 5 years instead of 6 years because of the agreement.
  1. University of California, Riverside Extension, USA:

The University of California is the world’s leading public research university system and scholars reap huge benefits out of the agreement in the form of

  • Joint research projects: Imparts more industrial knowledge.
  • Students exchange program at UG & PG level.
  • Other Certification Programs crucial for the job market.
  1. University de Haute-Alsace, France:

The University of Upper Alsace is a multidisciplinary teaching and research center based in the two cities of Mulhouse and Colmar. It is a University of 8000 students with about a hundred courses.

This collaboration will create an excellent podium for a student, few activities which are agreed to are:

  • Joint cooperation in scientific research
  • Joint-supervision of theses
  • Joint organization of assignments, placements, seminars, and conferences
  • exchange of researchers and doctoral students as part of their research activity
  • Exchange of students
  1. Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands:

Stenden University offers English-taught bachelor program and dual master degrees in a variety of fields.

The agreement offers the following benefits to the scholar:

  • Joint research projects: Imparts more industrial knowledge.
  • Students exchange program at UG & PG level.
  • Other Certification Programs crucial for the job market.
  1. Hochschule Fulda – University of Applied Sciences, Germany:

Graphic Era University has signed MOU with Hochschule Fulda- University of Applied Sciences for following activities:

  • Exchange of students that include International Summer University Program, Project based internships at the partner university.
  • Conducts collaboration research projects.
  • Joint lectures, Video Conference based presentation or seminar and organizing symposium.
  • Exchange of academic information, scientific and research material.
  • Exchange of information including, exchange of library resources and research publications.
  1. Robot Research Initiative (RRI):

Robot Research Initiative (RRI) is a research institute focused on advanced robotics research. It is the largest institutions among university robotics laboratories in Korea and competes globally, and few activities of MOU between Graphic Era University and Robot Research Initiative includes:

  • Development of Co-operative researches like Robotics expert’s consortium for advanced robotics and home appliance robot research.
  • Joint research projects like Pioneering infra on biomedical micro/nanorobotics research.
  • Exchange of publications and other academic materials.
  • Utilization of research facilities.
  1. Astrakhan State University, Russia:

Astrakhan State University excels in training specialists and fundamental researches. The student benefits the following under the agreement:

  • Joint research projects
  • Double degree education programs at UG & PG levels
  • Students exchange program at UG & PG level


  1. Taylor’s University, Malaysia:

Taylor’s University ranks among the top 200 universities in Asia.

The student benefits the following under the agreement:

  • Development & realization of joint scientific & educational programs.
  • Joint scientific research projects.
  • Students exchange program at UG & PG level.
  • Twinning Programs: It is an arrangement under which students can complete part of their studies in India and the rest in a foreign college.
  1. Chechen State Pedagogical Institute, Russia:

It is the leading school in the sphere of higher vocational training in Chechnya.

The MOU signed between GEU and Chechen State Pedagogical University includes following activities:

  • Joint research projects.
  • Exchange of all publications published by the university.
  • Scientific professional meetings, conferences, and symposiums.
  1. European Regional Educational Academy, Armenia:

According to European standards, this Academy offers graduate and post-graduate programs, research in different fields, short and long-term training courses in Yerevan, Armenia as well as in the largest regions of the RA.

The Academy realizes vocational training programs in different regions of the RA. The MOU signed between EREA and GEU includes following activities:

  • Discussion for the identification of potential progression opportunities for students.
  • Joint research projects.
  • Double degree education programs: The Education Double Degree program enables students to earn two undergraduate degrees concurrently – one in their chosen field and one in education.


  1. Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU), The Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia:

Ufa State Petroleum Technological University is a State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education. GEU and USATU will benefit the students in the following motion:

  • Research Collaboration.
  • Developing the course of study in emerging subjects.
  • Promote joint research projects.
  • Exchange of students for internship.
  • Conducting study tours.
  1. Iraqi Cultural Attaché, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research:

The benefit of MOU signed between Graphic Era University and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Republic of Iraq will promote research scholarship for undergraduate and master’s students from scientific and linguistic fields.

The dedication and commitment of Graphic Era University do not end here, as they even ensure the students should be placed in world-renowned companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

As a result, the alumnus of the varsity is working in prominent companies and also keep interacting with present students on latest technologies. So that these students can be trained and are prepared for placement in big companies.

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