The History of Ipod

Everyone loves iPods, but does anyone know how it all came to be in the first place? This is what this infographic teaches you. Get a brief about your favorite music player from the stables of Apple through this infographic. It scans the tale of the iPod and how it all came into place and is an interesting journey so to speak. “The History of iPod” will tell you how everyone’s favorite iPod originated in the first place.

Did you know that within the first quarter of its release itself the iPods became more famous that it was expected? The company sold off 5.8 million iPods from what was expected to reach about 1.8 million. It seems like people love their music and everything that comes with it. But it was only in 2006 that Apple stopped shipping CDs alongside iPods to the countries.

The first generation of iPod was released in 2001 – with the start of the millennium, the world was gifted with something precious and it soon became a worldwide rage. Many famous people started purchasing it and soon it became a “cool” thing to carry with you. This made iPod survives for generations – with every generation getting slimmer, trimmer and smarter. No wonder it gathers so much praise. If you’re a fan of the iPods or just Apple in general, check this infographic out.

Likes: There has been just so much data in this one simple infographic that it is hard to not like. The information is also presented in a very interesting and intriguing manner, sequentially.

Dislikes: Absolutely nothing, we love it.

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The History of Ipod Infographics


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