The Big Questions of Climate Change

Climate change has raised concerns among all people on earth. Although climate change is a phenomena that may not impact us extensively in our daily lives, its effects can be devastating. It is slowly but surely killing the world we live in. Simplistically put, the rate at which energy is received from the sun and the rate at which it is lost to space maintains the Earths temperature and climate equilibrium levels. Winds, ocean currents, and other mechanisms distribute this energy across the globe to positively (or negatively) influence regional climate changes.

In current times, we have seen various causes and negligence over the past decades leading to negatively influence climate change. Broadly speaking, these are known as unseasonal weather patterns. Recently, the US experienced severe and extreme (almost fatal) levels of cold weather caused by ‘polar vortex’ phenomena.

One of the most common reasons cited for climate change is carbon emissions, especially from vehicles and factories. This is also one of the reasons for diplomatic strife between developed countries like the US and UK, and developing and emerging economies like China and India. The latter strongly believes they have a right to “damage” the environment on their path to rapid development as much as their more developed counterparts.

Several climate conferences globally have taken place, but there is often no resolution to several issues. However, countries are now realizing the impact climate change has had on our environment, and are beginning to forgo some of their ego hassles for the greater good of our world.

The Big Questions of Climate Change

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