Twitter Users Profile

There are different kinds of people on every social networking profile. Some of them repeat their habits, making them fall into a certain pattern of persons. Twitter is no exception. There are people on Twitter who can be easily grouped into these following categories which are mentioned in the infographic. Basically in this infographic called “Twitter users Profile” is described a funny take on how twitter users behave right from the time they are a newbie to the time they become a PRO at it.

While the Twitter users might have to go through a lot of funny infographic like this, you must admit, that Twitter has one of the largest users on social media. Many people hold their business accounts too over there. But this infographic is totally going to lighten your mood. It is about the twitter users, who fall under a few predefined categories, which we admit is too natural.

It has grouped people into several categories of Twitter users and with the wide usage of images and the Twitter mascot it has managed to grab the attention of the users. There are many things which will catch your eye in this infographic. First of all to start with, the only female twitterati is in pink and is highly undermined which raises several eyebrows.

Likes: it is funny to read and the infographic is overall well placed with people finding many similarities with real Twitter users.

Dislikes: Some may find it a tad bit offensive.

Twitter Users Profile Infographic



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