The $400 Million Club

The $400 Million Club 1

There are only a handful of blockbuster Hollywood movies that make it to more than hundred million dollar collections in the first week itself. As much as they are entertaining, they have also earned massive profits for producers and will remain to be one of the most entertaining movies of all time. Though the producers of these movies have not left a stone unturned in either the detailing, the gorgeous visuals, the storyline, or any other technicalities, making the entire movie watching experience entertaining, they have also earned huge profits on the opening week itself.

In this infographic titled, “The $400 Million Club”, you will see a list of the nine highest grossing movies in the first week. Most of the movies in this list happen to be sci-fi blockbusters and animation movies.

Fantasy fiction is something that interests most of the people, and you will never get bored of watching them. Known for having advanced computer graphics and special effects in these movies, that is what makes them popular and a crowd favorite. Starting from the year 1977 to the twenty first century, you will see that only nine movies have made such huge profits within a week.

Although this neat infographic depicts the financial success of these movies, it also points out that some of the movies were in fact less favored by critics, who even advised the audience NOT to watch them, as they were “mindless entertainment”. But the audience feels different from them quite obviously.


Extensive list of movies, their profits, the number of theatres they were showcased.


Monotonous structure in depiction style.

The $400 Million Club 2

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