Duplicate Content Issues Visualized

Duplicate Content Infographic

Whenever you are blogging, choose a layout that minimizes the display of duplicate content of your blog. This lets the viewers see a lot more content on your blog and stay on your page for longer times. Minimizing duplicate content also helps you enhance the user experience of your blog. It might also enhance your page rank on Google. When you start making these slight changes, you will see better readership and conversion rates on your blog, especially, if you have displayed any ads.

In this infographic titled, “Duplicate Content Issues Visualized”, you will see a small example of how the same content is repeated on the same page in a blog. Many factors come into picture when you are blogging. It is not the content and ideas alone. It also includes many important factors such as: background color, font size, font style, spacing, margins, web layout, content layout, timeline of posts, regular updates of posts, relevance of your content, the number of backlinks, anchor texts, etc.

Therefore, whenever you post any content, make sure it is not repetitive, at least on the main page or the latest page that has fresh content. Also make sure you follow all webmaster guidelines to make your blog effective. Use widgets and add ons precisely that will give you more users and followers to your blog. Blogging is not about creativity alone, but also about other technicalities.


Single example that can make your blog posts effective.


Very evasive and needs to be elaborate.

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Duplicate Content Infographic

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