How Technology Changed Raising Children

Whatever happened to simply leaving your child in front of the boob tube (television set)? It has been shown that if you place a baby in front of a television then he or she will be more subdued and mesmerized by it. Parents often rely on this as a short-term babysitter if they want to do other activities such as cooking, phoning or other things. This could be a mixed blessing. From the perspective of an adult, television is certainly an idiot box and there is a fear that infants will become similarly incapable of independent and rational thought. However, it is a great resource for language learning and, especially in communities with multiple languages, the young child may acquire a fluency for other languages more easily.

The “How Technology Changed Raising Children” infographic presents even more modern and recent technology. The television (and the rocking chair and the baby bottle, according to the infographic) seems to have been replaced by the MamaRoo bouncy chair and the white noise machine. We have read some anecdotal evidence that white noise is a good way to learn things. This aspect is probably enhanced with babies.

However, if not the focus then the unique theme of the graphic is the enhancement of the baby while it is still a fetus. In this regard, it is suggested that you help your soon-to-be baby love music. There is even a concept called “The Mozart Effect”, although a September 2007 article in Scientific American suggests that babies become more active than merely passively listening to music.

Likes: Much of the information presented here is new to us, and well worth knowing.

Dislikes: There were no specific recommendations or suggestions for educational toys.

There may be nothing more blissful than becoming a mom. Whether it is your first or fifth time at the rodeo, it is always an interesting and wonderful journey. These days the journey is far easier with the help of new age technology. Our new infographic explores how different raising a child is today – from fancy baby strollers to modern day science that allows you to choose your baby’s sex, the possibilities are fascinating and sometimes scary.

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