Super Bowl (NFL) Facts

There are some interesting facts about NLF that you will read in this infographics. Only eleven minutes of the actual play is shown while the other seventeen minutes goes in showing the replay and the time of showing this match is also distributed in reserving some time for cheerleaders and maximum time to see players standing. In this infographic titled, “Super Bowl (NFL) Facts” you will see some unknown and interesting facts about NFL.

Super Bowl is an obsession in America. You will find many Super Bowl fans who are crazy about this sport. Footballs are made from Cowhide and nearly three thousand cows get slaughtered for that. No recorded tapes exist of the very first Super Bowl game played. In the year 1929, one of the players’ height was only five feet and one inches. He was the smallest player that ever played this game that has most of the players with great height and physique.

Most of the popular football franchises are worth more than a million dollars. It is said that a video game called The Madden Curse is jinxed because every football player who has appeared in this video game, expect one, has been injured. Many accidents do happen during the game. One of the football players had to amputate his finger in order to survive an injury.


Many interesting facts about things that happen during the NFL matches.


None as such. Might interest the Super Bowl fans immensely.

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