Railway Mishaps


In India, trains, especially the local trains are packed and people are seen hanging outside the door which not only leads to many accidents but also deaths. People get injured or die either crossing the tracks or because they fall off the train. In this infographic titled, “Railway Mishaps” you will see how men and women have met with accidents and deaths on railway tracks.

Sometimes due to heavy rains too people fail to hear the sound of a near approaching train. The view is also not clear and they jump of the train. This is also one of the main reasons why accidents happen near the railway tracks. Many commuters also risk their life while boarding and alighting from a local train.

The crowd is quite swarming and it is easy to get lost and get pushed while boarding or alighting a train. Many people meet these accidental deaths because of that. Also, when you are crossing the railway track while not focusing on the trains coming and going, that might also lead to accidents. Though, overtime many measures have been taken to avoid these mishaps, accidents do keep happening even now. Also, if halt times of the trains are increased, then people will not rush leading them to accidents.


Insights on railway mishaps that cause serious concerns for regular commuters.


It’s less of an infographic and more of a newspaper headline. The stats could’ve been highlighted in a better way.

Railyway Mishaps Infographics

Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

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