Star Wars Characters

Star Wars has been the lifelong companion of the kids of the 20th century. Even today some kids (and even adults) enjoy this movie. The movie has been so enjoyable that even after decades it stands to be unforgettable among the masses. It is rightly one of the most memorable movies which one cannot forget so easily. This “Star Wars Characters” infographic tells the same story.

Every Star Wars fanatic knows that each character in the series has made a mistake at one time or another – a mistake so grave that it has cost the life of many other rebels. This infographic aims to show how technology could have saved the lives of those rebels. If you are tech savvy and if you love star wars, then you would enjoy these technological solutions to the Star Wars problems.

But one thing is for sure– had there been no faults in each character, there would have been no mistakes in the series, and we would not have seen these episodes over and over again. Thank God technology was not there to put an end to the series.

Nonetheless this infographic is enjoyable. It has some excellent to the point solutions which you cannot ignore. These show how Star Wars rebels could be easily saved with the help of just a touch of technology. It is a unique piece of idea which would be much welcomed by the Star Wars fans. Just imagining that these rebels would remain alive is an excitement that cannot be contained.


The pictography is nice. The overall presentation is neat.


Nothing that we can think of.

Star Wars Characters Infographic

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