Social Media Wars: Why Pinterest Will Rule in 2014

Social Media Wars: Why Pinterest Will Rule in 2014 1

When we think social media these days, three platforms come to mind instantly – Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Before thinking what sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in 2014 have in store for us, we should look at their defining characteristics. Facebook began as a college social network and usurped Orkut by virtue of having real people with real profiles. Twitter appeals to users looking for focussed content and to the point, its main feature being 140 character “tweets”. Twitter and Facebook are both distinct in approach, but are fundamentally similar. They are broader, generic social platforms where users can follow other people or brands or entities of interest. Pinterest however specifically focusses on image sharing, and has an extremely simple, clutter free user interface. Many experts predict 2014 is the year where users will shift from text based content consumption to images and videos especially. As we have seen with the rising usage of mobile smartphones and tablets, the importance of sites like Pinterest, a first mover in its space cannot be overstated. The following infographic by Omnicore why as a social media platform Pinterest will rule in 2014.


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