Best Adventure Travel 2014

If you have a penchant for adventure and want to do so in 2014, this infographic Best Adventure Travel 2014 is the place for you. Created and designed by Travel Center UK, the infographic lists adventure sports in destinations like France, Chile, China, Honduras, Greece and Russia.

If you fed up of travelling to the turquoise waters in the Caribbean or exploring the historic sites in Asia, explore some of these amazing locations. The world has so much to offer than just beaches, heritage sites or sceneries. If you are looking for unique vacations with some thrill and enthusiasm, then scroll through the infographics on the Best Adventure Travel 2014.

The infographics provides a brief list of exciting places that would keep you pumped and active this New Year. From Mountain hiking to whitewater rafting, there is so much to do while you travel around this beautiful world. Some of these destinations might not be prominently known for this adventure but once you experience it, you’d keep going for more. France, one of the most romantic cities in the world – has a thrilling mountain biking adventure catering to numerous tourists.

Located in Avoriaz in the Portes du Soleil Region of French Alps, you can find one of the most amazing man-made bike trails and alphine tracks that offer a splendid platform for mountain bikers and this is definitely a memorable experience. Similarly, Kayaking in Kamachatka, Russia is one other must-do things in life. If you are into some real thrill, then this hike and kayak expedition definitely should be on the list. Starting off with a helicopter ride which drops you off at a volcano followed by heavy hiking amidst thousands of brown bears, thereafter some real kayak and paddling across rivers and seas. If you have what it takes, book your flights to Russia right away.

The Mosquito Coast is one of the least explored regions in the popular Americas. Little did we know that whitewater rafting in this region of Honduras is yet another outstanding adventure? This experience comes with hard-core whitewater rafting that rides through the Rio Platano river right to the Caribbean coast passing astonishing wildlife and indigenous tribes.

These are just a few; take a glimpse at the infographics to find out more on the best adventurous destinations. Sailing at Cape Horn, Swimming at Sporades Islaes – Greece, Rock-climbing in Yangshuo – China and traveling by horse are few of them. Grab cheap flights to these amazing adventurous destinations and it is guaranteed your experiences would be unforgettable!

Best Adventure Travel 2014



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