Here are 5 Ways How You Can Maximize Your Returns on SIPs

Here are 5 Ways How You Can Maximize Your Returns on SIPs 1

SIP (systematic investment plan) is a method through which people can invest in mutual funds. It is a simple plan through which one can invest a fixed amount of money at fixed intervals or variable duration of time (depending upon the type of scheme) into a mutual fund policy. Rather than putting a huge amount of money at once, Systematic Investment Planning refers to the investment of small instalments over time.

One can calculate his return on investment in SIP with the help of a sip return calculator. If you are eager to start a SIP then a sip return calculator will help you in showing the complete amount that your investment will be able to gain over a given period. A sip return calculator is pretty easy to use as you just need to insert the investment amount, rate of return and tenure, and you are good to go. In addition to that, if you have a financial goal of a particular amount in your mind, then sip return calculator will tell you what rate of return and amount of money you should invest to achieve a particular return goal. It is a very good tool to get a realistic idea of what your investments will provide you shortly.

Here are 5 Ways How You Can Maximize Your Returns on SIPs 2

Proper steps need to be followed for maximising returns on SIPs. Source:

Nowadays, many people use a systematic investment plan but are not able to get a good amount of returns, which disappoints them and eventually they stop investing. In order to get maximum returns on SIPs, one should follow some crucial guidelines.

Here are five ways through which one can maximize his returns on SIPs:

  • Start investing early: Many people tend to wait for a certain period of age and then start investing in SIPs. It is advised that one should start investing with the help of his extant savings as early as possible. You can take the help of a sip return calculator and save accordingly in order to meet your goals. Early age does not mean that you have to start only after 18. Some people started investing at the age of just 11. If they can do it then you can also do it with the help of your savings as it will benefit you in the future. Investing at an early age is advisable because at that time the person does not have many family responsibilities.
  • Expand your SIP: If you want to enjoy maximum return from your SIP then you have to be disciplined in it. However, that should not stop you from changing the investment amount. If one sticks to a fixed amount then there are fewer chances of getting maximum returns. One should always try to increase the investment amount whenever possible, which means you can think of increasing the investment amount if you get a promotion or increment in your salary. It will surely provide you with a better return in the future. In addition to that, a variable SIP assists the investor to meet his goal way earlier when compared to a regular SIP.
  • Do not hold your investment: Holding your investment can be the worst thing that one can do when it comes to getting maximum returns. When you have started to invest, then you should keep it stretched for a long time to get a better return. When you close it in a very short period, you gain poor returns. There are many cases where investors have received a huge amount of return because they did not close the SIP early. To get the maximum returns, you have to be patient.
  • Use a Systematic Withdrawal Plan: One should always avoid withdrawing in one shot as this habit will help you in getting better returns. Always use the Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) as it is an amazing tool that allows you to take out a small amount of money from your investment and also keep your investment for a longer period of time.
  • Connect your goals with SIP: If you have a goal and you invest for it then you would not quit until you achieve it. If you do not link your goal with the SIP then there are chances that you might fall short of needs and get poor returns. Firstly, you should prepare a list of goals and then prioritize them. Fix a time limit for each goal and let your investment grow over time so that you can get the maximum return on SIP, and the returns can be easily calculated using a SIP return calculator.

Investing in a SIP is a great option as it helps in securing your goals. One must stay consistent and follow the tips mentioned above to get the maximum returns. Start investing now without thinking more than needed because your idle money can get you a lump sum easily.


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