The London Olympic Games

The London Olympics went so fast, after eight years of preparation, the games are over. The world was impressed with London’s hosting of the worlds biggest event. The British team did fantastically well in achieving and surpassing their medal target. Sixty five medals is a huge tally, the biggest sense the start of the 20th century. When the labour government announced the games project ten years ago, Britain was on a spending spree and had the economic good times to keep that going.

Today in a lasting double dip recession the nine billion price tag of the games seems very high along side deep cuts in government spending and rising unemployment. The original budget set at 2.5 Billion was never realistic or achievable, this figure was selected to get the project past the public and quickly raised to 5 billion after a few years.

This infographic gives detailed elements of the budget and pubic sector resources needed to stage the 2012 games. Brought to you by Bonus Sports.

London Olympic Games

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