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Climate Change Opiniongraphic

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Anglian Home Improvements is regarded as UK’s top supplier of high-grade home improvements with over 40 years of experience and 1 million satisfied customers. Anglian is extremely conscious of its roles and responsibility towards the environment and recently endorsed this outlook very strongly by creating an Opiniongraphic; an infographic containing several opinions on climate change. These views and opinions were collated from various social media streams like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest during Climate Week, Britain’s largest climate change campaign in March 2012. It contains outtakes from relevant bodies such as from The Secret Seed Society, Frontier Power, BritishEco Ltd and The Carbon Trust to name a few.

This ‘Climate Change Opiniongraphic’ aims to support the climate change campaign with a positive and inspiring action orientation. The ‘call to action’ for people to express themselves so to speak is #climateopinion, which really is more of an appeal to people concerned about their environment to express themselves. Anglian’s “endorsement” of this initiative is metaphorically showcased by the sun – the primary source that all living beings on earth owe their survival to. The part I liked the most about this infographic is the commentaries are captured via some of the minutest elements of nature – chirping birds on a tree or seeds underground. The circle of life is something that is most underestimated by humans. Anglian has captured human insight a.k.a. #climateopinion in a beautiful and simplistic manner through these little back links of nature.

My only negative feedback of this infographic as such is the apparent visual disconnect between the top and bottom sections. The top part is rich in content with plenty of opinions. This comes through nicely to the reader as it fits in with the fundamental fact that each trees branches stands on its own – similar to an individuals opinion. The same cannot be said about the bottom section. Although the issue of carbon footprints comes across adequately represented, the aquatic part of it does not do enough justice to the theme of this infographic. Neither is there enough opinion, nor visual stimulus to stir me into realizing that this is an infographic about climate change.  If I were Anglian, I stick to the objective of this infographic as one to promote positivity and energy to not only people who care about their environment but also those who want to care. The lower section tapers off, creating a lull in the readers mind after the bright beginning.

Climate Change Opiniongraphic

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